Every year I’m looking forward for October, the trees swipe their tradionnal green leaves for something more colorful, red, orange, yellow,… But this article isn’t about colors! It’s about ink, pure black and white, because the second thing I like in October is…Inktober!

This year I’m not following the list, but instead I’ll draw a thing, a though, a dream, I encountered during the day like I’m taking polaroid photos.

Here are the first 16 of them, 15 more to go!

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See you tomorrow!

Press cartoon

Hi there!

I had the oppurtinity to work with the great swiss newspaper “Le Temps” and I’m very proud and happy to share this with you.

I did a serie of drawings to illustrate articles about sport and society by Laurent Favre. Here they are, clic on the link to see the articles.

First one is about pulling someone’s leg when practicing sport.


Second one, new ideology about team managers in soccer.

Third one, diversity in the locker room

One more is coming soon. I’ll post it asap!

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See ya!!

Game of thrones


Holy Moly this season is craaaaaaazzyy! Poor Hodor and I think it’s the first time we actually have more main characters alive than dead 😉

Here are the comics from the episode 5, 6 and 7.




Lost in translation, a Hodor story


Uncle Ben S. – Wildlings rabbits rice. Yummy!


Comebacks are real, buddy!