Every year I’m looking forward for October, the trees swipe their tradionnal green leaves for something more colorful, red, orange, yellow,… But this article isn’t about colors! It’s about ink, pure black and white, because the second thing I like in October is…Inktober!

This year I’m not following the list, but instead I’ll draw a thing, a though, a dream, I encountered during the day like I’m taking polaroid photos.

Here are the first 16 of them, 15 more to go!

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See you tomorrow!

Outdoor watercolor sessions

Hi there!

I’m enjoying this sunny summer with some outdoor watercolor sessions. It’s always a good time to travel a little through Switzerland and to practice watercolor painting.

Watercolor Fall

I walked in the woods next to my place on Friday, trying to catch theĀ beautiful colorsĀ of the trees and the leafs with watercolor. That was intense causeĀ the lightĀ dropped really quick. I also painted two moody skies seen from my balcony.

Hope u like it!Ā Fall3-quanadrien

Sauvabelin, watercolor on paper, 24x32cmFall1-quanadrienFall2-quanadrien